TSA To Take It Easy On Elderly Terrorists

The terror threat from septuagenarians is apparently not as high as those young whippersnappers who are merely of retirement age. At least according to the Transportation Security Administration, which next week will begin testing new, less-intrusive, screening procedures for travelers 75 years of age and older.

The tests, which will be similar to how the TSA screens children under 12 years old, will start March 19 at Chicago O’Hare, Denver International, Portland International and Orlando International airports.

Passengers in this age group will not have to take off their shoes or light outerwear at screening. And if an alarm sounds, they have the choice of resolving the issue with a screening that doesn’t require TSA agents get all rubby and touchy.

Only after this secondary, no pat-down process fails to reconcile whatever is setting off the alarm will the shoes have to come off and the TSA hands get grabby.

TSA says it will cut down on ‘granny pat-downs’ [WGN]

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