Little League Decides It Doesn't Want Strip Club Money After All

Remember yesterday’s heartwarming story about the troubled California Little League teams that got a financial boost via a semi-anonymous $1,200 donation from a local strip club? Well, no sooner did we post the story then the league decided it didn’t to fund its baseball games with lap dance loot.

“We kind of looked at the whole situation, and we all feel it’s the right thing to do,” the league told, adding that the club’s general manager who arranged the donation, “has a great heart, but as a nonprofit Little League, I wouldn’t want to do anything to disappoint or upset my parents… We would never want to offend our young girls.”

The club manager says he understands why the league is returning the money and hopes that the all the press coverage surrounding the situation will bring out some donors to make up for the returned cash.

And at least one local paramedic has stepped up to the plate and donated $1,600 to the cash-strapped league.

“One door closes and, look, another one opens,” the league president tells CBS2.

Lennox Little League returning $1,200 donation from local strip club []

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