4-Minute Phone Call Saves ADT Customer $100 Per Year

Aishel is an ADT home security system customer. When he received a letter in the mail that the company was increasing his monthly bill slightly, he decided that this change made him feel quite insecure in the wallet. He called up ADT to see whether they could waive the increase for him. Of course they could: and how would he like a $6 decrease in his monthly bill while he was at it?

I got a notification in the mail that ADT home security systems would be instituting a $2.79 per month increase to help bring “the level of service you deserve, and explore new ways to help you protect what matters most.”

I figured I’d call and tell them that I’m trying to minimize costs and see what they could do for me. My entire phone call lasted 4 minutes and I was able to not only get the rate change waived, he also lowered my bill by $6/month.

It’s not much, but that’s an extra $100 in my pocket over the course of a year!

Excellent. Sometimes an annoying new fee or bill increase can be dispatched just like this: with a quick and civilized phone call.

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