Quick, Buy These Boots While They're More Expensive Than They Used To Be!

Consumerist reader Lou came across one of those funny little fuzzy math things where a retailer tells you an item is on sale — score city! — but in reality, the “sale” price is higher than what the product usually sells for. Which makes it the exact opposite of an awesome deal and causes our faces to go all frowny in disappointment.

On Belk.com, Frye’s Jane 14L boot is advertised with a bright red Sale $328.00, while next to it in dimmer type is “Original price; $298.00.” Excuse us while we turn our math machines on (beep bop boop bop)… ah yes, fair readers, that is an increase of exactly $30.

At least whatever program is used to calculate the sales has got it right, showing a “Savings” of “-$30.00 (-10%) below the prices.

Maybe we’ll just wait to jump on that “sale” for the time being.


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