Southwest Airlines Wins One Round In Lawsuit Over Free Drink Coupons

Southwest Airlines had a small triumph in the lawsuit against it over free drink coupons for alcoholic drinks with no expiration dates printed on them. A judge ruled that federal airline law pre-empts claims against Southwest of unjust enrichment and violating state consumer fraud laws.

Still on the table? A breach of contract claim filed by the two plaintiffs, reports the Chicago Tribune. They’re suing Southwest over an August 2010 decision that said passengers in the “Business Select” program had to use free drinks coupons on the day they were printed, instead of willy nilly whenever they wanted. Those coupons are otherwise $5.

“The court’s ruling has now liberated us to aggressively prosecute this case, which is exactly what we intend,” said the plaintiffs’ lawyer.

The two were upset after having amassed 45 and 12 coupons each, which turned into worthless pieces of paper after Southwest announced the change in policy.

Southwest said at the time that they owe it to their “employees, customers, and shareholders to find ways to operate smarter.”

Part of suit against Southwest over free drinks dismissed [Chicago Tribune]