Report: Yahoo May Lay Off Thousands Of Employees

Yahoo, which canned its former CEO over the phone a few months ago, is reportedly on the verge of a major restructuring that will reshape the firm the internet forgot into a much smaller version of itself. The company is seemingly set to announce massive layoffs that could number in the thousands.

The report comes from AllThingsD, which says divisions particularly at risk include the large products organization, public relations, marketing, research as well as “marginal businesses and weaker regional efforts.” Yahoo’s brain trust is said to be deep in talks with the Boston Consulting Group to help sharpen and aim the axe.

The company is known to have 14,100 employees. The layoffs, which could be announced by month’s end, would drastically reduce that figure.

Yahoo’s New CEO Preps Major Restructuring, Including Significant Layoffs [AllThingsD via Deadline]

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