Report: Yahoo May Lay Off Thousands Of Employees

Yahoo, which canned its former CEO over the phone a few months ago, is reportedly on the verge of a major restructuring that will reshape the firm the internet forgot into a much smaller version of itself. The company is seemingly set to announce massive layoffs that could number in the thousands.

The report comes from AllThingsD, which says divisions particularly at risk include the large products organization, public relations, marketing, research as well as “marginal businesses and weaker regional efforts.” Yahoo’s brain trust is said to be deep in talks with the Boston Consulting Group to help sharpen and aim the axe.

The company is known to have 14,100 employees. The layoffs, which could be announced by month’s end, would drastically reduce that figure.

Yahoo’s New CEO Preps Major Restructuring, Including Significant Layoffs [AllThingsD via Deadline]


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  1. mauispiderweb says:

    So … texts, this time?

    • hmburgers says:

      I think we may even be down to “fixed the glitch” level… just stop paying them and it’ll work itself out.

      • MikeTastic says:

        Then take away their staplers and move them to storage B.

        • humphrmi says:

          And I said, I don’t care if they lay me off either, because I told, I told Bill that if they move my desk one more time, then, then I’m, I’m quitting, I’m going to quit. And, and I told Don too, because they’ve moved my desk four times already this year, and I used to be over by the window, and I could see the squirrels, and they were merry, but then, they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler, but I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn’t bind up as much, and I kept the staples for the Swingline stapler and it’s not okay because if they take my stapler then I’ll set the building on fire…

  2. hmburgers says:

    The real news to me is that Yahoo has thousands of employees… I always assumed they had reduced to a staff of tens or hundreds that just contracted out everything.

    • ReaperRob says:

      With that many employees I’m guessing they keep a lot of stuff in house, like their own tech support staff for the offices. That can really add up.

    • chefboyardee says:

      I’m surprised as well, but for a different reason. I didn’t realize people still used Yahoo.

  3. Weighted Companion Cube says:

    They should have taken that Microsoft buyout offer a few years ago.

    • fadetoblack says:

      They were offered almost $48 billion, and as of this morning the company’s worth less than $18 billion. I’d say you’re right!

    • Spinfusor says:

      All the evidence we need that Jerry Yang is an imbecile.

  4. rlmiller007 says:

    I haven’t been on Yahoo in at leat 5 years. It should be spelled yaWHO?

    • StatusfriedCrustomer says:

      Yahoo’s image search engine is still better than Google’s. Google recently improved their returned content but messed up the interface with pre-loading and other slowy-downies.

      Support Yahoo by doing your picture searches through them.

  5. coffee100 says:

    There’s nothing America loves more than layoffs. It’s one of our principal products.

    It’s not difficult to see why this happens. When customers become consumers, which is corporate-speak for “a gullet that eats advertising and shits cash,” why should employees be anything other than product or content “dispensers:” like soda machines that can be replaced as necessary?

    Mass layoffs as a routine budgetary tool came about as a result of the spreadsheet. Once business determined that profits could be analyzed and balanced to fractions of a cent, anything that could not be explained in terms that appear on a spreadsheet became utterly irrelevant in business and pretty much anywhere else: Things like quality and customer loyalty, college majors that can’t be matched word for word with some illiterate manager’s opinion of what qualifies an employee to do a good job, etc. All that matters is price and supply chain costs.

    The only thing that survived the great asshole-ification of America is the “brand,” which business is now asking people to replace themselves with. Whenever you hear the phrase “what does _____ bring to the table?” what you are hearing is “where can I put this on a spreadsheet?”

    Prior to the spreadsheet, CEOs would fight to the last dollar to protect their employees. Now, throwing people overboard and deliberately choosing layoff dates for maximum infliction of pain is de rigueur.

    The results were predictable. We now live in an America where we can’t make plastic bags or washcloths. We have cotton fields that can be seen from space, yet we CAN’T MANUFACTURE A WASHCLOTH. We have to import it from 11,000 miles away, because that’s less expensive, apparently.

    The American workplace is lost. Unless proven otherwise, every American manager is an immature, selfish crybaby. Start your own business.

    • ajaxd says:

      Yahoo is way past simple cost-cutting. Google took their business 6-7 years ago which was part of series of bad (or perhaps just not good enough) business decisions on part of Yahoo. Today the real question is why they needed 14000 employees in the first place if they have been shrinking for so many years.

    • incident_man says:

      That’s exactly it. Once hotshot MBAs were learning the World According to Excel and PowerPoint, it was pretty much over for American Business. They don’t have columns or slides for “customer loyalty” or “product quality”, so those things don’t compute. It’s all about, “We can save $XXXXXXXXX if we lay off YYYY employees and make the rest do ZZ% more work.”

  6. Buckus says:

    This just in: Yahoo! still slightly relevant…full story at 11.

  7. StatusfriedCrustomer says:

    I’m just thinking about a few other ways Yahoo could distinguish itself from Google

    (1) create a search engine that respects punctuation – Google hasn’t done that yet

    (2) allow video searches with more than 10 “NOT” keywords. Google is still dragging its feet on this one, but it’s essential for anyone who wants to search for videos without getting Justin Bieber (or Beiber or Beber or Biber or every other misspelling) in their results

    (3) Just general stuff like not collecting demographic information, giving you dozens of histories that you have to turn off, spending money creating different doodles every day, and I don’t know what, maybe instead of Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” button they could have a McRib button that shows you a picture of a McRib, or an “instant girl picture” which shows a random lingerie model.

  8. MMD says:

    I feel for the employees here, but I can’t say that I’m surprised that Yahoo’s faltering. I use Yahoo for a junk email account and the interface gets worse and worse, buggier and buggier. If it wasn’t just a junk account, I would have switched it over to Google long ago.

    • scoosdad says:

      Agreed. And their recently revamped home page, with its horizontally scrolling list of featured stories, is a disaster. The image size on the scroll bouces around in vertical height, so the left and right arrow scroll keys don’t stay in one place, you have to keep moving the mouse to continue scrolling. And at least in Firefox, the story that’s just barely hidden to the right side, goes off the left side of the scroll window when you click the arrow just once, so you never get to see about every fourth or fifth story there. Click on a story in the middle to read it, and when you click back, you’re at the beginning of the scroll list again and have to start all over again. Doesn’t anyone test these things? I’m still amazed it’s like that after all this time.

      And don’t get me started about the comments that accompany Yahoo articles. Let’s just say the average IQ of the commenters there is barely measurable.

      • MMD says:

        I won’t read news on Yahoo anymore, because I don’t want to see what new lows of racism and insanity are being spread in the comments. What a cesspool…

  9. AngryK9 says:

    Just more of that “change” we were told we could “count on” back in 2008

  10. nopirates says:

    the only thing yahoo is good at anymore is fantasy sports

    • Dropzone56_rockingout says:

      I agree, but they also have to compete with But I personally like yahoo’s team management interface better.

  11. ronbo97 says:

    Yahoo needs to reinvent itself and focus on what it’s good at. Competing against Google is fruitless. They need to find their own niche.

    • humphrmi says:

      They don’t integrate companies well. They gave up on search, where they led Google before. I tried their hosting service, it sucked. About the only thing I like about Yahoo is their email+, but it’s only worth it because it only costs $20 a year. I’m not sure what’s left that they’re good at.

  12. consumerd says:

    they had a decent service, but sold that off as well. THat was the best book mark keeper to me.

  13. Eugene says:

    The internet did not forget them, we stopped using them when they became abusive.
    The first popup ads were on yahoo’s search page. The spyware pushed down by their games. Letting people steal my credit card # twice via merchants using their storefronts.
    I didn’t forget them, I remember and avoid them.

  14. shthar says:

    14000 employees?

    To do what?

    How many people do you need to run a website noone uses?

  15. 2 Replies says:

    Boo hoo Yahoo.
    Shouldn’t have been so uppity when Microsoft offered to buy you guys.

  16. adent1066 says:

    It’s a shame. I still have my Yahoo mail account that I have had for over 15 years. And Flickr is still a good product.