NYC Taxis To Finally Clear Up The Whole On/Off Duty Thing

For years, people trying to hail a cab in New York City have been confused by trying to decode the many permutations of taxis’ “Off Duty” lights. If those words are illuminated, the cab may still be available, but only if the medallion number light is also on — and if you happen to be heading in the direction the cab is driving. It’s confusing enough to NYC residents, and downright confounding to most visitors. But that’s all about to be cleared up.

“It’s far too confusing for the average rider,” Taxi & Limousine commissioner David Yassky told the Daily News about the current system.

Thus, starting in the fall, cabs will replace the confusing signs with ones that clearly indicate only one of two options: available or not.

The TLC came up with the idea last October and asked for public feedback, which was overwhelmingly in favor of the change.

TLC says it’s lights out for cabs’ confusing on-/off-duty codes [NY Daily News]

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