Kmart Manager Shot By Robber, Still Manages To Stop Robbery

If you’re shot while trying to prevent a robbery, not many people would hold it against you if you just let the bad guy finish up the heist and leave. But don’t tell that to the manager of the Seattle-area Kmart who not only survived his gunshot wound but also held the robber until police arrived.

According to, the incident occurred shortly after the store closed on Saturday night. Employees were about to deposit cash in the Kmart safe when they were approached by a masked gunman.

But the manager wasn’t having any of that, reports SeattlePI:

The manager fought back and was shot once. Police say he continued to fight and held onto the suspect, and eventually the 9 mm handgun came free. The victim picked it up and held the suspect as another employee called 911.

The manager was taken to the hospital and listed in critical condition.

If this story ends like most tales of store employees intervening in armed robberies, the manager will probably be without a job any day now.

Kmart manager stopped robber after being shot [SeattlePI]

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