Family Surprised To See They'd Managed To Rack Up $100K Electricity Bill

Considering the fact that her family hadn’t started powering a large industrial company out of their suburban Chicago home, one woman was pretty dang surprised to open a bill from the electric company for a whopping $107,525.16.

The Chicago Sun-Times says Kathy had signed up for a new electrical aggregation program in her village, and she was excited to check out how much she’d saved on her first bill from the service. The month before, her bill was about $275, and now it had shot up to over $100K. Say what now?

“The taxes (and fees alone) on the bill were $16,000,” she said, for the over 1.6 million kilowatt hours the bill claimed the family had used. Pretty much impossible, as they’d only used 2,236 kwh in the previous month.

Even more worrisome was that Kathy’s on an automatic deduction program to pay her electric bill, and didn’t have an extra hundred grand in her bank account to spare. ComEd, which handles the billing, said they’d cancel the deduction and eventually come over to physically read the meter.

“They just said ‘Sometime next week,'” she said, adding, “It’s kind of comical if you look at it that way.”

Oak Park residents get electric bill for nearly $108,000 [Chicago Sun-Times]

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