FDA Warns About Potential For Chipped Teeth, Eye Injuries From Crest/Arm & Hammer Spinbrush

If you ever looked at an Arm & Hammer Spinbrush (formerly the Crest Spinbrush) and thought “a toothbrush with all those moving parts could potentially wreak havoc if something goes wrong,” the folks at the Food & Drug Administration have confirmed your concerns.

Yesterday, the FDA issued an announcement to consumers about the number of complaints from Spinbrush users who had experienced a wide variety of injuries after parts of the brush popped off while in use.

“It’s important that consumers know how to avoid the risks associated with using the Spinbrush,” says Shumaya Ali, M.P.H., a consumer safety officer at the Food and Drug Administration. “We’ve had reports in which parts of the toothbrush broke off during use and were released into the mouth with great speed, causing broken teeth and presenting a choking hazard.”

Among the damage done by rogue Spinbrushes:
* chipped or broken teeth
* cuts to the mouth and gums
* swallowing and choking on broken pieces
* injury to the face and eyes

“In some cases, the brush head popped off to expose metal pieces underneath that can–and have–poked individuals in the cheek and areas near the eyes, causing injuries,” explains Ali.

Even the Spinbrush for Kids models, which do not have removable brush heads, have also been linked to cut lips, burns from the batteries, and bristles falling off and lodging in a child’s tonsils.

FDA is alerting the public about the potential for injury while using the following models of Spinbrush:

Spinbrush ProClean
Spinbrush ProClean Recharge
Spinbrush Pro Whitening
Spinbrush SONIC
Spinbrush SONIC Recharge
Spinbrush Swirl
Spinbrush Classic Clean
Spinbrush For Kids
Spinbrush Replacement Heads

Last year, Church & Dwight Co. Inc., which manufactures the Spinbrush, received a warning from the FDA after it was discovered that the company had not reported numerous consumer complaints about the product.

The company says it has taken steps, like creating better labels to caution consumers to change the brush head at least every three months, and new bristles that change color with wear, to improve the product.

The FDA says that before using the Spinbrush, you should inspect it for any damage or loose brush bristles. If you find any, do not use the brush. Report it to Church & Dwight, which can be reached toll-free at 1-800-352-3384 or 1-800-561-0752.

Make sure the brush head is connected tightly to the brush handle, and test the brush outside of your mouth before using. If the connection feels loose or the brush head easily detaches from the handle, do not use the brush. Report it to Church & Dwight.

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