Peanut Butter Disguise Can't Sneak Pot Past TSA

Many things go great with peanut butter, but marijuana isn’t one of them, at least when you’re going through airport security. A passenger allegedly tried to sneak marijuana aboard a flight from Oakland by packing it inside a peanut butter jar, but Transportation Security Administration workers spotted the ruse with an X-ray machine. The man was cited for drug possession and missed his flight. He said the pot was for medical use and he hid it because he didn’t have a medical marijuana card.

According to the Mercury News, the TSA isn’t focused on searching for drugs, but reports them when it finds them.

The TSA says this is at least the second time in four months that agents have found pot stowed away inside a peanut butter jar. The brand was Skippy on both occasions.

Authorities find pot in peanut butter at Oakland airport [Mercury News]

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