Man Suffers Heart Attack At The Unfortunately Named Heart Attack Grill

Unfortunately for one man in Las Vegas, a restaurant lived up to its name quite literally. While dining out on a “Triple Bypass Burger,” a man suffered a heart attack at The Heart Attack Grill over the weekend.

It’s well-known, says FOX5 in Vegas, that the eatery is not of the healthy sort. Diners over 350 lbs eat for free, with items to choose from like Flatliner Fries, Butterfat Milkshakes and the “quadruple bypass burger” which can exceed 8,000 calories. Yes, 8,000. You read that correctly.

Although the waitstaff all wear nurse outfits and the owner calls himself Dr. Jon, no one at the restaurant is actually medically trained, so paramedics were called when the man started showing symptoms of a heart attack in the middle of his meal, and he is reportedly alive and recuperating. Whew.

The restaurant owner said there have been “a variety of incidents” in the past, but that this was the first full-scale coronary on the premises. So, that’s good news…?

*Can’t forget to thanks Wayne for the tip!

Man suffers heart attack at Heart Attack Grill [FOX5 Las Vegas]

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