Weak Flu Season May Still Ramp Up And Get You Yet

If you’ve managed to avoid contracting the flu so far, don’t start getting cocky just yet. The typical flu season kicks into full force in February and March, so there may still be a nasty virus floating out there with your name on it.

According to Fox News, the current flu season has been mild, possibly due to unseasonably warm weather that is allowing people to enjoy the outdoors rather than stay cooped up passing viruses to one another. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spokesman said flu-related medical attention has been lower than average, but the flu is expected to menace more people in the coming weeks. Flu season can last until May.

Your best bets to remain flu-free are to get a flu shot if you haven’t gotten one already, wash your hands often, avoid touching your face and to stay away from those who appear to be sick.

Flu season is mild, but gearing up [Fox News]

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