If You Give Sears Your Phone Number, They Might Harass You Like A Clingy Stalker

Sears, Sears. We know that you’re desperate. But acting clingy and desperate is no way to win over customers, especially the ones who have just made a purchase in your store. While it seems like every retailer is pushing their service plans on customers, they don’t usually resort to phone stalking, like what you did to your poor customer Mike. He had to resort to contacting the FTC and your corporate offices about the stalking.

It’s over, Sears. You should have taken the hint one of the first few dozen times you called. Now Mike really never wants anything to do with you again.

I thought I’d tell you about my recent Sears nightmare. It isn’t with the sales process, or the Kenmore appliances I’ve purchased, but rather with the recent barrage of calls that wouldn’t stop until I contacted Sears’s corporate offices. The short lesson is, never give Sears your phone number.

From January 18 through January 28, I received 2 phone calls per day, including Sundays, trying to sell me an extended service plan. After ignoring the first 9, I finally called back to get off their list when I realized that they weren’t getting the message. The manager I spoke to, [redacted], told me that she couldn’t find my phone number in the system, even though their dialer has managed to call me 9 times already. She was completely useless and unapologetic. She stopped just short of trying to sell me a plan herself.

After 12 more phone calls, I filed an FTC complaint and finally contacted Sears on their Facebook wall. At that point, I was contacted by a “Social Media Case Manager”, and after she took all my information and entered it into their corporate “No Promotions” list, I only received two more calls before they stopped.

In the end, 23 phone calls in 11 days was so infuriating, I’ve now started warning people to avoid Sears. I knew Sears doesn’t have the best track record, but my family has bought Kenmore and Craftsman since the 1970s, so I always did the same. But I’ve decided to show my displeasure the only ways I know — with my wallet. My future appliance and tool needs will probably end up being from Home Depot or other big box stores.