7-Year-Old Walmart Shopper Fights Off Attempted Kidnapping In Toy Aisle

I can’t be the only one whose mother used tales of in-store child abductions in an attempt to keep me from wandering off during trips to Sears and Bradlees. She also instructed me to scream like something that screams really, really loud if anyone ever tried to do anything sketchy. A 7-year-old girl in Georgia seems to have learned that same lesson.

As seen in the security camera footage below, a man tries to scoop up the girl while she checked out the toys in her local Walmart. With her mother a couple aisles away, the child can be seen kicking and yelling until her would-be abductor drops her and flees.

A 25-year-old man, reportedly on probation for a manslaughter conviction, was taken into custody soon after the incident, though he denies that he is the person seen in the video.

Suspect in attempted Wal-Mart kidnapping on probation for manslaughter [AJC.com]

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