Work At Home Without Feeling Isolated

Those who work at home tend to make office drones jealous of their supposed freedom, but there’s also a downside to telecommuting. Everyone needs social interaction on some level, and working from home severely limits workers’ opportunities to connect with others. A sense of isolation can set in and drag down the mood at the home office.

A BestRatesIn post suggests ways for work-at-homers to connect to the outside world:

* Manufacture an office of your own. If you know someone else who works the way you do, team up to work alongside him, either at one of your places or somewhere that offers reliable WiFi. Casual small-talk with a friend can make the day flow better.

* Bug others during the workday. If you’ve got friends who are off during the day or have time to kill while on the job, make an effort engage them in online conversations. Work isn’t as much fun without someone to complain to while you avoid doing it.

* If your hours are flexible, take advantage of them. Without a boss peering over your shoulder, exercise your relative freedom by taking long breaks to engage in activities you wouldn’t be able to try if you were stuck in the office. You may find it’s easier to get work done during off-hours — either at night or early in the morning — when there are fewer professional types around to bother you.

Lonely Entrepreneur: Battling Isolation when You Have a Home Business [BestRatesIn]

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