How To Deal With Awkward Situations Involving Money And People

Problems encountered when splitting checks can sometimes split friendships. When money gets in the way of relationships, things get uncomfortable quickly. But you can make things easier for yourself and others by sticking to generally recognized rules of financial etiquette.

Kiplinger identifies potentially off-putting financial conundrums and suggests ways to defuse them.

If a coworker asks you to donate to a charity you’re not interested in, your best bet is to politely decline rather than delay your response. If the coworker has donated to a cause of yours in the past, you may want to return the favor as a form of repayment.

The post also recommends dealing with the check-splitting problem in advance by asking the server to give each member of your party a separate check before you order. If the restaurant has a policy against such a service, you and your companions can make an agreement beforehand that you’ll split the check equally before you order.

Click on the source link to see the post’s suggestions for turning down a loan request from a loved one and refusing to contribute to a group gift for someone you don’t like.

4 Money-Etiquette Questions Answered [Kiplinger] (Thanks, Tara!)

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