Walmart Is Going To Tell You Straight Up Which Foods Are Healthy

In case you aren’t sure whether spinach is good for you, or maybe those pork rinds are trying to convince you they’re healthy, Walmart is spelling it out plainly with a new logo. They’re introducing a “Great For You” icon, which will be displayed on some food items in its aisles, in an attempt to convince shoppers they want you to eat healthy and save money while you’re at it.

Reuters says the labeling is part of Walmart’s promise to try to improve the nutritional value of its products and also cut prices on healthier options. They sell the most food in the country, so if these changes make in impact, shoppers could see it echo at other supermarkets.

In order to be “Great For You,” foods have to meet certain requirements. Fresh fruit, vegetables, lean cuts of meat, brown rice, skim and 1 percent milk are on the list, whereas white rice and whole milk are not. And oh yeah, candy isn’t healthy!

“There are no candy bars,” said Andrea Thomas, the company’s senior vice president of sustainability. But some other things were a bit more debatable, even after speaking with experts and health organizations. “We had a nice, long debate about eggs,” she added, which ended up on the healthy list.

In order to help sway customers to the healthy side, Walmart says they’ve also reduced or totally done away with the price difference between 350 healthy items and their not as healthy counterparts.

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