Have You Gotten A Text From AT&T Warning You About Your Data Usage?

Back in July, we first wrote about AT&T’s plan to start throttling data for wireless customers with unlimited plans who crossed over into the top 5% of data users. And starting in October, those customers began getting warning texts from the Death Star. But in recent months, we’re seeing more and more complaints from people who are receiving these texts but whose data usage isn’t terribly high.

Many of the complaints are coming from people who use around 2GB/month but who have unlimited plans.

So either no one with an unlimited plan is actually taking advantage of this luxury — and thus using merely 2.something GB in a month puts you in that rarefied 5%, or something is off about how AT&T is calculating this 5%.

Over at his personal blog, reader Mike Senese details his own travails with hitting that 5% wall at around 2.4GB and how no one at AT&T will give him a straight answer on the topic.

We’ve reached out to AT&T to see if someone will explain the fuzzy math used to justify throttling unlimited users at levels lower than some of its available tiered plans.

Of course, this could all be a move by Darth Stephenson to annoy unlimited customers into switching to a tiered plan. Not that they will ever admit such shenanigans.

Regardless, we want to hear from anyone who has received one of these texts. Tell us your region of the country and what your data usage was at when you received the text (or at least what you have been averaging). Feel free to share in the comments below or at tips@consumerist.com

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