Vermont Inmates Ham It Up By Sneaking A Pig Into State Police Crest Decal

When you’ve got inmates of a correctional facility manufacturing decals for state police cruisers, hilarity is practically guaranteed to ensue. Vermont prisoners got away with quite a prank, sneaking a pig into the state police crest decals that adorned two doors of 30 cruisers for the last year.

We’re guessing no one in the state police was squealing with laughter over what Reuters calls, “an apparent reference to the pejorative word for police.” Inmates in the print shop made one of the spots of the cow on the crest into the shape of a pig, and that decal made it past inspections and onto police cars.

State police spokeswoman Stephanie Dasaro said it’s no laughing matter.

“It dishonors the memory of those past and present members, especially for those who have lost their lives in the line of duty,” she said, adding that while some might find it humorous, changing out the decals on 30 cars will come at the expense of taxpayers.

A police employee spotted the prank this week, and the “source and timing” of the change, which likely happened at the print shop, are under investigation.

Yes, it is a very serious situation. But come on, a whole year of riding around with a pig on a police car door, placed there by people incarcerated by perhaps those very same authorities? Worthy of a few immature giggles.

And for those who might have trouble spotting porky, we’ll help you out:


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