If You Resold A Xoom Tablet Last Year, Someone Else Might Have Your Info In Their Hands

Having your personal photographs, documents, emails and passwords compromised isn’t always due to a hacker or a scam — if you’re one of 100 former owners of Motorola Xoom tablets resold through Woot.com last year, someone else could be holding your personal information literally in their hands.

The Chicago Tribune says around 100 out of 6,200 refurbished Xoom Wi-Fi tablets resold through the flash sale site between October and December of 2011 may still have data from their first owners on them.

For those consumers whose information may have been compromised with the resale, Motorola Mobility is offering a free two-year membership to a credit monitoring service so they can keep an eye on things. Anyone who bought and then returned a Xoom to Amazon.com, Best Buy, BJ’s Wholesale, eBay, Office Max, Radio Shack, Sam’s Club or Staples between March and October 2011 will get the deal by visiting motorola.com/xoomreturn.

Motorola is also advising original owners to change all their passwords to email and social media accounts. If you reset your tablet to its factory settings before returning it, or returned a Xoom outside of the seven-month time span mentioned, you and any pictures of you in that bikini on vacation should be safe.

Xooms sold on Woot.com may contain previous owners’ data [Chicago Tribune]


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  1. chefboyardee says:

    You get what you deserve if you’re too stupid to wipe any device for returning it.

    • chefboyardee says:

      *before, now who’s stupid? Ha.

    • AustinTXProgrammer says:

      Really? No one deserves to be ripped off over such a mistake. Sure, you should expect it, but deserve?

      I hate the way deserve is thrown around. People think they deserve better things, or that others deserve to be ripped off. Neither is true the vast majority of the time.

    • aleck says:

      Second that. It is like making the garbage company responsible for destroying your financial statements that you forgot to shred before throwing them away.

    • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDave‚Ñ¢ says:

      It’s a tablet, right? It’s screen dependent, right? So what if your screen went? W/o a digitizer, how would you wipe it?

  2. bethshanin says:

    “If you reset your tablet to its factory settings before returning it”

    Well duh! Never assume someone else is going to do something as important as this. Would you return your new wallet with the credit cards and drivers license in it to Macys assuming the clerk will take them out? NO! So don’t do that with your computers, dumbasses.

  3. StutiCebriones says:

    If you’re so inclined, Mary Beth, you might want to skim the Woot forums for those sales. I remember seeing a few buyers mention that they’d received those tablets; I think most mentioned they wiped the data themselves. Good info for a followup, anyway.

  4. theblackdog says:

    I guess I should be lucky that I bought an HP Touchpad through Woot, no one originally bought those :-D

  5. evilpete says:

    I got my Xoom from woot.com ( am using it now ) but sadly it did not come with a free copy of anyone’s info…

    I feel so ripped off. . .

    • Papa Midnight says:

      I bought one of those off of woot that day for my mother who wanted one after seeing my tablet. It came loaded with pictures and quite a number of google accounts still in the gapps settings menu (including a generic RadioShack account). The previous owner(s) is(/are) lucky I had the common courtesy to hit the simple little “factory reset” option in the settings menu. Other new owners might not be so kind.

  6. hmburgers says:

    Seriously… who returns ANYTHING without first removing personal stuff?

    I just returned a DVR to Verizon and spent 20 minutes deleting every recording from it so they wouldn’t (casually) know what sort of shows I watched…

    • GoldVRod says:

      “Seriously… who returns ANYTHING without first removing personal stuff?”

      Someone returning a broken item. Seriously.

      “I just returned a DVR to Verizon and spent 20 minutes deleting every recording from it so they wouldn’t (casually) know what sort of shows I watched…”

      If you’re using a DVR then your view habits are already known to Verizon.

      Have a nice day!

  7. madsquabbles says:

    well hell, a refurbished used “any device” would pose this problem. why is the xoom being called out?

    • Actionable Mango says:

      Because Motorola didn’t wipe the personal information during the refurbishment process, which is something any decent company would do. The Xoom should have been wiped and reloaded with factory software and default settings.

  8. HootieMac says:

    I bought 2 of these through Woot/Amazon, and neither was wiped. Got an e-mail from Woot today offering me a $100 gift card if I let Motorola pay for me to ship it back so they can wipe it and send it back to me in 4-5 days.

    I did a factory reset on both as soon as I noticed that they weren’t wiped, but I think I’ll be doing this anyways to get the giftcards.

    • dwasifar says:

      I also bought mine from Woot and got that email today. Logged on to the Motorola site and they apparently want it back to re-wipe it. I didn’t notice anyone else’s data on it in the time I had it, but I didn’t really dig very deep. If they want it back for a few days to make sure, and are willing to pay me $100, I’m sure not turning it down. Off it goes.

  9. StevePierce says:

    Resetting to factory settings wouldn’t necessarily clear the data, that was the problem.

    Motorola’s own wipe process was also flawed.

  10. CalicoGal says:

    Mine arrived from Woot PRISTINE and clean inside and out; it even had the factory plastic cover on the screen and all the accessories were in original untouched packaging.
    My email from Woot says that Moto’s site will tell you if yours was one of the affected 100 (out of 6,200).
    But all it did when I put my serial # in was a form to fill with my address and such.
    I don’t want to be without my Xoom for the claimed 3-4 business days so that I have to spend hours re-configuring it, and cleaning the fingerprints off.
    That, to me, is not worth a $100 Amex card.