How To Properly Bribe Your Kids Into Obedience

Parents who don’t admit to bribing their kids either aren’t being honest or are missing out on a crucial technique that can bring peace and satisfaction to their households. Bribes, which can be described more charitably as reverse threats, can help parents get work done at home, delegate household chores to completion and preserve general sanity.

A Yahoo post provides an illuminating bribing guide.

The key point is that, like any parenting technique (guilt, lying, shouting), bribery must be used in moderation. If offered too often, rewards for following your orders turn into expected payments.

It’s also important to stand firm when kids fall short of their end of the deal. To avoid giving in and handing out the reward anyway, shy away from mutually beneficial prizes, such as going together to a movie you really want to see.

Finally, it’s best not to distribute the goods too early. Instead, dangle the carrot in front of the children throughout the day as a way to keep them in line.

The Step-by-step Guide to Bribing Your Kids [Yahoo]

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