Settlement Says It's Not Okay To Use Models In Short Skirts To Recruit Bone Marrow Donors

Sex sells, which is why models in skimpy outfits sell consumers on the merits of everything from cars to web domain companies. But a Massachusetts settlement says skin gimmicks and free gifts shouldn’t be used to recruit potential bone marrow donors.

According to the Associated Press, via MSNBC, the Caitlin Raymond International Registry and UMass Memorial Health Ventures Inc. paid models to try to convince people at malls, festivals and sporting events that they should sign up for the donor registry.

Officials in Massachusetts were not cool with that, or the practice of giving away free T-shirts, which prompted an apology from UMass Memorial Health Care and a pledge to stop using the models in December 2010.

The final judgment in the case says both the registry and the lab company, part of UMass, will pay restitution to Massachusetts consumers for any out-of-pocket payments they previously made for donor testing, as well as $500,000 to the state to help improve health care services and fight unlawful marketing practices. In addition, donor testing won’t cost more than $175 for the next five years, per the agreement.

Mass.: Bone Marrow Donor Recruiting Case Settled [Associated Press/MSNBC]

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