There's An App To Promise Your Pals Prizes Just For Showing Up To Hang Out With You

Bribery is the best way to convince your friends to hang out with you, and now there’s an app for that. It’s sort of like Groupon, but instead of getting a great deal, your pals might just get an especially nice compliment or a free drink if they show up to do something with you.

Pozzle is currently only available on iPhones, says the New York Times, and offers incentives of your choosing to lure your friends to a dinner party or hang at a bar, or whatever you want to do. It also uses something like Foursquare badges to help entice friends to participate.

Once you’ve signed up for Pozzle, and convinced your friends to do so as well, you invite them to your event via the app, or share it on Facebook and Twitter. When you create your event, like “Come watch Downton Abbey with me at my apartment and yell at Edith,” you offer an incentive of your choice. For example, “Booze provided” or “all-you-can-eat pigs in a blanket.”

There’s also the capability to set a minimum attendance for the deal to kick in, like you will only buy the first round of drinks at the bar if five people show up. When guests arrive they check in with the app to prove their attendance.

Now, who wants to attend my “Go get me lunch and I will love you forever” event?

A Groupon for Your Dinner Party [New York Times]

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