Rack Up Travel Rewards Without Going Crazy With Credit Cards

Everyone who signs up for airlines’ frequent flyer programs dreams of cashing in their miles for amazing vacations. Credit card companies are counting on you being so enamored with that vision that you’ll relax your spending discipline in pursuit of the goal.

Carrie at Careful Cents explains her common-sense methods for earning hotel rewards and frequent flyer miles without participating in credit cards’ reindeer games.

She recommends finding a discount travel site with a free program that lets you earn rewards by booking your flights and rooms through it. In order to avoid overpaying, it’s best to use alternatives to research prices before you commit.

She also advises using airlines’ own rewards programs and sticking with them to build up your miles. Sometimes airlines will make deals with travel sites that let you double up on rewards if you buy your flights through the sites.

Earn Travel Rewards and Points Without a Credit Card [Careful Cents]

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