Ripoffs Encountered At The Grocery Store

Sometimes items on the store shelves jump into your cart with the promise of better things than they deliver. Examples include food stuffs that look nothing like their glamour shots on the box and big bags of chips that are only half-full.

Len Penzo dot com points out some other grocery store letdowns:

* Anything that claims to have berries. Many products that claim to include blueberries — such as cooking mixes — actually use apples or a combination of maltodextrin and food coloring. Manufacturers figure that if something looks small and blue and tastes fruit-like then that’s good enough for consumers.

* Vanilla flavored stuff. The spice is rather expensive, so food makers tend to go with a synthetic vanillin made with “coal tar derivatives.”

* Juices that boast extra vitamins and antioxidants. Since the pasteurization process destroys natural vitamin C, juice factories replace it with ascorbic acid. You may as well get the vitamin in pill form.

The 5 Most Misleading Grocery Items Shoppers Waste Money On [Len Penzo dot com]

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