Ready Or Not, Here It Comes: Facebook's Timeline Will Become Mandatory On Profiles Soon

You’ve seen it lurking on your friends’ Facebook profiles, and felt the oppressive weight of the stress to eventually pick the perfect, horizontal cover image, and now the time is almost nigh — the Timeline feature will soon be the default interface on Facebook, and mandatory for all users.

In case you don’t want that picture of you from the time in 2006 when you fashioned a bird-shaped hat out of tin foil and wore it to the bar while slamming shots of tequila, Facebook is giving you a week to clean up your profile from when you make the switch, before others see it, report our benevolent benefactors at Consumer Reports.

For those who might have been choosing to ignore and not explore the features of Timeline, here’s a summary: Big cover image at the top, then your life on Facebook through the years chronicled through wall posts, online activities, pictures and any other moments you ever put online since joining the social network.

There’s also an option to add events that happened in the pre-Facebook era, long, long ago, as well as privacy controls to customize who sees what.

This has all been optional for the last month, but “over the next few weeks, everyone will get timeline,” said the official blog post. We’re translating that to, “Too bad, so sad, go cry elsewhere because this is happening, whether you like it or not.”

Facebook’s Timeline feature will be pushed to all members soon [Consumer Reports]

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