Macy's Fighting With JC Penney Over Who Gets To Shill Martha Stewart's Housewares

Macy’s and JC Penney are in a legal tiff right now, after Martha Stewart’s company hopped in bed with JC Penney to sell her housewares in their stores. Macy’s is mad because they say they’ve got exclusive rights on all those taupe towels and ecru egg holders.

USA Today says Macy’s filed suit against Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in New York State Supreme Court and asked for a preliminary injunction to block the licensing deal with JC Penney. Macy’s claims they have an exclusive pact to sell the products at their stores and doesn’t want JC Penney horning in their territory.

This all went down after JC Penney bought a 16.6% stake in stock of Martha Stewart Living and said they wanted to open a series of mini-Martha Stewart shops in stores next year. Not where you could buy mini Marthas, of course, just smaller stores shilling her stuff.

Macy’s sues Martha Stewart Living over J.C.Penney deal [USA Today]

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