City May Issue Fines If Your Dog Barks For Longer Than 10 Minutes

Barking dogs can be an annoyance. Ask anyone who has ever lived next to a chatty canine. But at what point does that annoyance cross the line and become a nuisance worthy of being issued a fine. For the folks in Fort Worth, TX, that threshold is ten minutes.

The city is set to revise its noise ordinance in order to be more precise about what exactly constitutes a violation. And while the Fort Worth deputy director of planning and development says that bars and restaurants are the city’s highest priority, “the second one is animal noise — dogs and roosters to be specific.”

To that end, reports the local CBS affiliate:

Proposed changes to the ordinance could also include a time limit of 10 minutes on how long your neighbor’s dog can bark before your neighbor is issued a citation.

This is probably music to some people’s ears while others will likely be barking mad about the new limit.

Fort Worth Considering Changes To City Noise Ordinance []

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