XKCD Creator: I Wouldn't Be Able To Do My Job Without A Free Internet

We here at Consumerist have been posting links to Randall Munroe’s online comic xkcd for more than five years. So we weren’t shocked to see that today’s xkcd dealt directly with the topic of the day — the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act.

“I make my living drawing xkcd, which wouldn’t have been possible if people hadn’t been able to freely share my comics with each other all over the internet,” writes Munroe. “As a copyright holder and small business owner, I oppose SOPA and PIPA.”

This isn’t the first time xkcd has dealt with overzealous attempts by the MPAA and RIAA to go after media pirates. Back in 2006, we wrote about the xkcd comic addressed to these two parties, along with Sony, Microsoft and Apple that pleaded, “You stop trying to tell me where, when and how I play my movies and music, and I won’t crush your homes under my inexorably advancing wall of ice.”

They apparently did not listen.

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