The Case Against Pennies Might Make You Want To Send Yours Back To Uncle Sam For Something Useful

For your Friday afternoon viewing pleasure, we thought we’d share a YouTube video featuring a case against pennies our reader Lisa sent our way. Sure, you may have seen it, as it’s a few months old, but since we’re sure each and every one of you hasn’t seen every single thing ever on the Internet, this one’s worth a post.

C.G.P. Grey’s “Death to Pennies” video is informative enough to show a classroom full of kids curious about the history of money — specifically, how the penny came from glorious copper beginnings and is now just another semi-worthless piece of metal, perfect for leaving behind at airport security checkpoints. And it’s funny enough that we had a good chuckle before glaring accusingly at the jar of pennies on the desk and fighting the urge to chuck them at the wall.

It’s worth noting, points out Consumerist reader Lisa, that contrary to the arguments made against CoinStar, they only charge a fee to turn coins into paper money. You can also opt for a gift certificate if you don’t want to lose money.

Enjoy, and go get your weekend on.

Death to pennies [C.G.P. GREY on YouTube]

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