Jacksonville Jaguars Owner: If You Don't Have Season Tickets, You're Not A Fan

The Jacksonville Jaguars have traditionally had difficulty selling out home games, and the franchise is apparently so frustrated that it has resorted to insulting those who don’t buy tickets. While introducing the team’s new head coach, new owner Shahid Kahn said he’s only interested in hearing criticism from ticket buyers.

First Coast News relays the foot-in-mouth quote:

“For me a fan is somebody who is a season ticket holder for the Jaguars. So that is a key definition we need to get out. We want to hear from people, we want a huge amount of constructive feedback. We need input, but we need that from fans who are season ticket holders.”

The team’s PR machine was quick to backtrack, with Kahn’s spokesman saying the owner was joking and speaking off-the cuff. Khan later released an email statement that re-accepted the Jaguars’ throngs of non-game-attending fans back into the fold:

“All it takes to be a Jaguars fan is to love the Jaguars. And if you love the Jaguars, you’re the most important person to me and the entire organization.”

We don’t know what’s more entertaining, PR blunders that reveal what executives actually think, or the fumbling, forced apologies that always follow quickly thereafter.

What is a Jags ‘Fan’? Disagreement Follows Shad Khan Definition [First Coast News via Pro Football Talk]

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