Dish Network Closing More Blockbuster Locations Than Originally Announced

For all those of you still loyal to Blockbuster brick-and-mortar stores, we’ve got some bad news. Dish Network has announced they’ll be shuttering more U.S. stores than they’d planned, and the rest of them will be turned partly into Dish customer-service points.

Dish, which bought Blockbuster for $320 million, originally said they’d keep 1,500 stores, or around 90 percent, open. But CEO Joe Clayton now tells Reuters that all unprofitable stores will be shut down, as well as others.

“We are committed to keeping the profitable stores open that are generating positive cash flow, but there are ones that aren’t going to make it,” Clayton said in an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. “We will close unprofitable stores. We will close additional stores.”

There’s no total number yet or a timeframe for the closings. But adding the customer service component for Dish customers could be a boon.

“If a consumer has a problem, just bring your box in and we’ll give you a new one so you don’t have to stay at home and wait for an installation,” he said.

Dish to shut more Blockbuster stores than planned [Reuters]


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  1. Cat says:

    CEO Joe Clayton now tells Reuters that all unprofitable stores will be shut down, as well as others.

    So, MOST Blockbastard stores will be closing, right?

  2. gman863 says:

    Isn’t using “profitable” and “Blockbuster” in the same sentence an oxymoron?

  3. El_Fez says:

    The last time I interacted with Blockbuster at any length, it was when a friend of mine had a sudden itch for a movie a couple of months back, and called me for advice on what to get.

    “How about Enter the Dragon?” thinking you cant go wrong with some Bruce Lee. Nope – didnt have it. “What about . . . ah! A FIst Full of Dollars?” Nope, didnt have it. “Solient Green?” Nope. “Logan’s Run?” nope. “Metropolis?” nope.

    And so the list went, running through every B-movie I could think of – comeing up dry on every front. Now I started out thinking of really obscure flicks, but coming around to some pretty main stream old stuff. No – if it wasnt from the last 15-ish years, they didnt have it.

    • dolemite says:

      Oh, but they’ll have 20 copies of Big Mama’s House 3!

      • El_Fez says:

        The thing is, a local video store can be viable! There’s an awesome local video store in Seattle called Scarecrow Video – and they are AWESOME! If the movie was ever released on DVD, VHS or Laserdisc in any country, odds are very good they’ll have it.

        Obsucre anime from Japan? Yup! Hong Kong flicks from the 60’s? Yup! Swedish art films? Check! Swedish porn? Check!

        They do film festivles, and bring in stars like Bruce Campbel for signings and all sorts of crazy, creative stuff to celebrate flicks. I rent all the time just to support them.

        • wen says:

          ha! laserdisc…

        • dolemite says:

          We’ve got one like that locally too. Mom and pop store. There’s a whole wall dedicated to sci-fi and horror from the 50s, 60s, etc. A small wall for anime (this was my first introduction to anime), and of course, behind the curtains…porn! lol.

    • joako says:

      The last time I stepped into a Blockbuster store was as part of my job as an IT professional…. unhook computers.

  4. Pixilox the Lock says:

    I just drove by mine today and it had a huge “Store is Moving” sign on it with signs saying everything must go. So I think the store is moving but to nowhere.

    • StarfishDiva says:

      All of ours in the area say that, too….

      • bigTrue says:

        If you look at the small print, they say “” on some of the signs. I think by saying “moving” it sounds better than “Closing”, in the hopes to keep people in the company when/if they move to an online version.

    • drjayphd says:

      Yeah, I was just going to chime in about that. I passed one about a week ago advertising that they were moving… online. To their website. Liquidation’s in full effect, though, and I grabbed a few buckets of popcorn to make while watching stuff on Netflix with my girlfriend. Ah, sweet, salty irony…

  5. Dallas_shopper says:

    Bummer. I actually like my local Blockbuster and the people who work there.

    • rdldr1 says:

      Well, some people did decide to stay on the Titanic while it was sinking. You cannot escape the inevitable.

  6. EarthAngel says:

    There is a Blockbuster just down the street from my house. It’s the only store within something like a 90 mile radius. They’re closing in 10 days.

    The price of the Blockbuster mail-in includes their little “coupon” that comes with the label. You turn in the “coupon” and get another movie at the brick and mortar store. Now that the brick and mortar stores are leaving, I’m wondering if the price is going to go down.

    • MrMagoo is usually sarcastic says:

      “It’s the only store within something like a 90 mile radius.”

      Man, that’s gotta be tough. If there were only one store with a 90 mile radius of my house, I’d at least want to to be a grocery store.

    • oldwiz65 says:

      “price going down”????? not happening.

  7. kcvaliant says:

    That is nice about the stores converting. But why would a bb store be needed. Smaller, cheaper stores would be better. And even for decent cities, one location out of 4-8 bb would only be needed. Or do they have that many problems?

  8. kcvaliant says:

    That is nice about the stores converting. But why would a bb store be needed. Smaller, cheaper stores would be better. And even for decent cities, one location out of 4-8 bb would only be needed. Or do they have that many problems?

  9. ThinkingBrian says:

    Interesting…Blockbuster (under new ownership) is closing over 90 percent of their stores and yet they are opening several new locations including one 10 minutes away from me as Blockbuster Express. I just saw a Blockbuster Express box last weekend that actually was previously a RedBox location. I guess Blockbuster gave the gas station a better deal.

    Personally it wouldn’t surprise me if they closed down all of their stores and replaced them with self-service Blockbuster Express boxes like RedBox has. Redbox has made this business model work for them and I have to imagine that Blockbuster could too. And Blockbuster Express is cheaper for now than Redbox at $1/night.

    It just sucks for the employees that will soon and or already have lost either jobs.

    • RandomHookup says:

      Odd, but BB and BBX aren’t related (except by a licensing deal). NCR owns BBX and they compete against each other.

      • blivet says:

        I hate this kind of thing. My annoyance is probably disproportionate, but this is borderline fraud IMO. Blockbuster Express obviously wants you to assume that their kiosks are operated by the same company as operates the BB stores. There is no other reason to use the brand.

        • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

          This kind of thing happens all the time. Ever heard of Black & Decker home appliances?

          They’re not made or sold by Black & Decker.

      • ThinkingBrian says:

        Damn, I’m sorry I thought they were the same. I mean I know we have some companies with the same name like Monster for example, but Blockbuster and Blockbuster Express with the same logo and they are different companies. That’s terrible, I would have never guessed that and in some ways its fraud, the logo is what got me..

        Too bad, I now I have to wonder what Dish Network is doing with Blockbuster unless they are making it all online and mail like Netflix.

  10. dicobalt says:

    When your expensive storefronts can be replaced by a vending machine from a competitor you have a problem.

    • Dallas_shopper says:

      I guess…and the Redbox kiosks seem to be really popular…but I can think of better ways to spend 20 minutes on a Friday evening than standing outside in the winter chill getting a DVD from a vending machine. At least a Blockbuster store is heated. :-D

  11. humphrmi says:

    What surprises me is what a rental frame of mind they still have in the stores. I go in to a Blockbuster every once in a while. My kids like to pick out movies (GAH! PHYSICAL MEDIA IS DEAD!) and they’re, like, two bucks each for the used movies my kids like. So I take them up to the counter and they ask if I have a blockbuster card; I say no, so they ask me for ID. I say, “ID for what?” “Um, for the rental”. “Those are used for sale DVDs / BluRays”. It takes a while for it to register that some people aren’t interested in renting. I don’t think they’re even aware that they sell some used blu rays for less than the cost of a rental.

  12. Portlandia says:

    And not a single f*@k was given…..

  13. LoadStar says:

    So what did Dish end up getting out of this purchase? The Blockbuster trademark and a competitor to Netflix with questionable success? That was sure worth it (sarcasm).

    (The Blockbuster Express machines aren’t owned by Blockbuster – they’re owned by NCR, and they just license the Blockbuster name.)

  14. Laughing-man says:

    Last time I interacted with Blockbuster, I brought Spiderman: Maximum Carnage for my SNES back in the early ’90s.
    I don’t think there are any BB left at my location…

  15. WorldOPeek says:

    They have closed every store in Cobb County Georgia. Cobb County is a suburb of Atlanta with over 400,000 people and in 2006 there were 20 stores. I think that they are pretty much going to close every store over time.

  16. Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

    Been, there, done that. In Canada, we’ve already experienced the closure of every Blockbluster store. In fact, the only chain that I know of around here that still rents DVDs/BDs just happens to be the big bad cable/phone/internet conglomorate known as Rogers. Which also downsized their brick and mortar operations a few years ago, turning their video rental business into a tertiary venture. They would rather sell you an expensive cable package, tickets to a Blue Jays game (yeah, they own them too) or an iPhone on a 3-year contract than rent you a DVD.

  17. BorkBorkBork says:

    I have two Blockbusters within a few miles from my house. Most of their DVDs are now 99 cents a night, just like Redbox, but with a wider selection. I’ve actually been renting with them more lately with the new pricing.

  18. bobomb says: