Walmart Asks You To Come For The Free Tax Prep, Stay For The People-Watching

In what seems to be an effort to lure customers, especially those in the mood to spend after procuring a sizable tax refund, Walmart is offering free tax preparation services for those whose finances aren’t complicated.

In a press release, Walmart announced it’s teaming with Jackson-Hewitt and H&R Block to offer help with preparing 1040EZ forms. What’s in it for the companies, you ask? As the AP notes, Walmart, Jackson-Hewitt and H&R Block all allow customers to receive their refunds in the form of their own prepaid debit cards.

To file with a 1040EZ, you must have no dependents, make less than $100,000 in taxable income and take the standard deduction.

Americans Can Save More Money at Walmart This Tax Season [Walmart]

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