5 Tips To Get More Organized

If your home is filled with clutter, your mind is probably the same way. Sorting out your stuff is a way to feel like you’ve got a better handle on things, and there are tricks you can use to streamline your path to a more organized existence.

Savvy Sugar offers 25 tips. Here are five that caught our eye:

* Buy more stuff. Containers and dividers will help you sort your things.

* Start with one tiny space. Pick a drawer or shelf, make it look right and get rid of stuff that doesn’t fit.

* Find the right place for one thing. You’ve got a bowling ball. You’re not getting rid of it. Find out where it should go and work from there.

* Relieve your fridge of the nastiest stuff. It’s daunting to give your refrigerator the overhaul it needs, so just get rid of the oldest leftovers you know you’ll never eat.

* Clean out your bag. Empty your purse, backpack or “laptop case” (read: man purse) of the stuff you don’t need.

25 Easy Organizing Changes You Can Make Today [Savvy Sugar]