Walgreens Opens Fancy Flagship Store With Humidor, Sushi Bar & More Upscale Trappings In Chicago

Going to the drugstore just to pick up a prescription or some shoe inserts is so passe — nowadays consumers demand things like a sushi bar, manicures, humidors and other fine trappings. Walgreens announced today that they’re opening a flagship location in Chicao with those fancy attractions, as well as a slew of other flashy attractions.

The Chicago Tribune says the new store will also include an international newsstand, made-to-order smoothies, self-serve frozen yogurt, a juice bar, fresh food, wine, spirits, a clinic, an upscale cosmetics department with makeovers and beauty treatments, and a barista selling exclusive State & Randolph brand coffee.

To celebrate the 27,350 square foot store, located downtown at the State and Randolph intersection, Mayor Rahm Emanual and Gov. Pat Quinn are scheduled to attend an opening ceremony this afternoon.

Manis and pedis for those guys, for sure!

Walgreen’s opening new flagship store downtown [Chicago Tribune]

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