Home Depot Forgot They Promised To Hang Onto My Rug Until I Decided If I'd Exchange It Or Not, Refuses Refund

Marc knew for a fact that he didn’t want to keep the rug he and his wife bought from Home Depot, so he was pleased when an employee was helpful enough to suggest they wait on a refund in case a new shipment had any rugs they’d like. He even offered to hang onto the rug, instead of lugging it back and forth. Unfortunately, the employee’s memory wasn’t so good.

Marc writes in saying he’s not sure what to do anymore, as he has already tried to work with Home Depot on the problem and American Express. The rug was purchased in September from the tents outside Home Depot, he says, but once they got it home, they decided they didn’t like the design.

We took it back to the store the next day and asked for a refund. The manager of the tent, Nick, said they were expecting more shipment next week and to wait and see if we liked anything there.

We agreed and asked if we could leave the carpet with them since it was such a hassle to carry and back forth to the store. Nick said that would not be a problem and proceeded to write his name, # and note on the receipt to say we wanted to exchange a carpet that he took possession of.

So, my wife and I return the next week and check out their new inventory. We informed the manager at the tent (it was not Nick) that we wanted a refund since we didn’t like anything and provided the receipt. However, the manager did not know of any transaction and proceeded to call Nick. Nick did not remember what we had discussed and was not going to be on site for another couple hours. We tried to talk to a manager within the store but was basically told since I no longer had the goods, they could not provide me with the refund.

So, I have tried to dispute this charge with American Express and they are giving me a hard time about it too (even though I have sent them copies of the receipt), saying I need to deal with Home Depot. I have dealt with the managers at the store and have gotten nowhere.

Basically, American Express and Home Depot are unwilling to work with me on helping me get my $600 back. Yes, on hindsight, I should have just gotten the refund when we returned the rug.

Really frustrated with both companies and do not know what to do. HELP!

Marc sent in evidence of the helpful receipt with Nick’s notes on it, which one might think would go far enough to revive his memory.

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