Man Body Slams A Sick Fellow Passenger For Daring To Cough On Flight

Crying babies, drooling seat mates and coughing passengers are everyday minor annoyances on planes, but body slamming someone for being sick and having to cough? Not the right reaction, but it was the one a man from Georgia had at the end of a flight last week.

The 31-year-old was on an American Airlines flight to Jacksonville International Airport in Florida, says The Daily Mail, upon which a sick 19-year-old woman had the gumption to cough.

The police say he spent the flight harassing the woman, and as the passengers deboarded the plane, he called her obscene names, saying she had “infected everyone” on the flight.

According to the report, he then charged her and body slammed her with his shoulder, knocking her against the wall. He was arrested on charges of misdemeanor battery.

We hope he brings plenty of cough drops with him should he ever dare to have a ticklish throat or a cold.

“You’ve infected everyone!” Germaphobe body slams woman who was coughing on flight [The Daily Mail]

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