Verizon Catches On To Unlimited Data Loophole, Returns Account To Tiered Pricing

Apparently, there had been a way that you could talk the Verizon Wireless automated CSR into changing your current tiered data plan into an unlimited one. But now that this work-around has been published and oodles of people have tried it, VZW appears to have caught on and has begun auditing changes to customers’ accounts to make sure people aren’t working the system.

Following the steps outlined in this Gizmodo piece (itself taken from SlickDeals), Consumerist reader Sean attempted to upgrade his account to include unlimited data.

“I checked my account online and indeed it was unlimited,” he tells Consumerist. “But less then 45mins later a “Audit Team” from Verizon called to inform me that they correct the error and took away my unlimited data.”

Alas, this is what happens when a popular site posts a loophole that probably should not have been open to begin with.

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