Car Seat Sensors Scan Your Butt To Protect Vehicle From Theft

Some backsides are already alarming, but if new anti-theft technology takes off, the wrong rear really could set off alarms. Researchers in Japan have come up with a car seat that scans a driver’s posterior to verify identity before a car starts.

The Daily cites work by Japan’s Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology who came up with the butt fingerprinting system. They say the method is less intrusive than other forms of identity scanning, and you can even keep your pants on while it works. Bonus!

It works by way of 350 sensors in the seat that carefully note the shape, size, weight and other factors to distinguish that yes, that tush is really yours. Researchers say it’s 98% accurate.

Ostensibly there should be some way to reset the system for a new owner or a diet gone wrong — or right — so alarms aren’t set off needlessly. The hope is these sits will hit the market in cars in the next few years, so keep your eyes peeled and your backsides ready.

The Can Scan: Anti-theft device knows who’s “behind” the wheel [The Daily]

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