Advanced Degrees That Don't Pay Off

Grad students are making heavy investments of time and money in their future income prospects, but in many areas of study the odds are stacked against the gambles paying off. A Georgetown University analysis identifies the advanced degrees that gave students the smallest pay bumps.

If you’re currently in grad school for meteorology, studio arts or petroleum engineering, you may want to stop reading right now, think happy thoughts and enjoy the rest of your winter break.

Daily Finance relays the findings, which say meteorology grads could only expect to make one percent more, while studio arts upped their salary prospects by three percent and petroleum engineering students did so by seven percent. Other sucker bets included oceanography, mass media and advertising/public relations, which hovered near 11 and 12 percent bumps.

Meanwhile, health and medical preparatory programs paid off the best, upping graduates’ salaries by 190 percent.

Grad School Math: Which Degrees Are Worth the Debt [Daily Finance]

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