Days Inn Books Five Extra Rooms, Empties Your Mom's Checking Account

Heather’s mom reserved one room at a Days Inn, and received confirmation for three rooms. She canceled the two extra reservations, then had to call and cancel the original one as well, early enough that there was no penalty. But after the date of her scheduled stay, the company billed her for three rooms, draining her checking account. Wait, what? Days Inn had her down for six rooms, and charged her as a no-show for the three she didn’t know about. Now she’s broke, and no one can refund her for the three phantom reservations.

Heather wrote:

In October, my mother reserved ONE room at the Days Inn in [redacted]. She received confirmation of THREE room reservations shortly thereafter. She figured it was a computer glitch and cancelled two of them and receive written confirmation of this. Then, due to a health concern, she had to cancel her reservation entirely and did it well before the check-in date.

The hotel proceeded to charge my mother for 3 rooms, saying she was a no-show. And they placed holds on her cards for the rooms. They said she reserved 6 ROOMS.

The GM refuses to cooperate, saying she is at fault for reserving 6 rooms and not cancelling them. She never reserved these rooms. She reserved 1 and then cancelled the whole thing.

My mother is in her 50s and in ill health and her bank account is empty now thanks to Days Inn. She sent corporate the proof of the 3 cancellations and she never got confirmation of these other three phantom reservations, so she would never think to cancel something she knew nothing about.

She needs the money credited back to her right now and she called me to ask for help in getting it back. Please help me. I do not live near my mother or this Days Inn, so there is only so much I can do.

Take it up the ladder at corporate. Days is part of Wyndham Hotels, and you can find their contact information here. Follow the steps in this post to get through to Wyndham’s executive customer service – be confident and professional when making your case.

While this particular Days Inn is an independently owned franchisee, it’s the reservation system that messed this up and that’s run out of corporate.