Breastfeeding Moms Stage Nurse-Ins At Targets Across Country

Earlier this morning, groups of nursing moms gathered in Target stores around the country to stage “nurse-ins” to protest what they believe is the retail chain’s anti-in-store-breastfeeding stance.

Among the groups staging the nurse-ins were 50 women inside a Houston-area Target. Many of the women involved in today’s protest came out after a local mom claimed she was harassed by store employees while nursing.

“I’ve gotten way more support than I imagined,” that mom told the Houston Chronicle outside of today’s nurse-in. “This is something [new moms] can participate in from their own home, their own town. They don’t have to travel with a brand-new infant. They can go to the Target right up the road and support me.”

And they did just that, with confirmed reports of several other nurse-ins taking place in Florida, Illinois, Maryland and other states. In all, nurse-ins had been planned in 35 different states for this morning.

Houston-area woman organizes breastfeeding flash mob at Target stores []

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