British Couple Rewarded For Being 50 Millionth Visitors To New York City In 2011

Tourism can be seen as a reward on its own — you travel somewhere new, see some sights, take home a snow globe (not in your carry-on, of course). But in the case of one couple from England, they were given an actual prize just for being the 50 millionth visitors to New York City.

Craig and Lucy came to the city to get married atop Rockefeller Center with their two children, says TheTelegraph. How could a trip get any better? That’s when Mayor Michael Bloomberg stepped in with a big surprise, dubbing them the 50th millionth visitors.

As part of their coronation, the twosome received a Golden Ticket to the city, a $10,000 gift card, $10,000 more in a travel package to return to NYC in 2012, vouchers to spend on stores and restaurants in the city, and tickets to a Broadway show.

This year has been good to the city so far as tourism goes, with around 50.2 million visitors by the end of 2011. Around one million of those come just from the United Kingdom.

I’d like a Golden Ticket the next time my train refuses to come for 20 minutes. How about it, Mike?

British couple wins ¬£12.5k as New York’s 50 millionth visitors [Telegraph]

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