British Couple Rewarded For Being 50 Millionth Visitors To New York City In 2011

Tourism can be seen as a reward on its own — you travel somewhere new, see some sights, take home a snow globe (not in your carry-on, of course). But in the case of one couple from England, they were given an actual prize just for being the 50 millionth visitors to New York City.

Craig and Lucy came to the city to get married atop Rockefeller Center with their two children, says TheTelegraph. How could a trip get any better? That’s when Mayor Michael Bloomberg stepped in with a big surprise, dubbing them the 50th millionth visitors.

As part of their coronation, the twosome received a Golden Ticket to the city, a $10,000 gift card, $10,000 more in a travel package to return to NYC in 2012, vouchers to spend on stores and restaurants in the city, and tickets to a Broadway show.

This year has been good to the city so far as tourism goes, with around 50.2 million visitors by the end of 2011. Around one million of those come just from the United Kingdom.

I’d like a Golden Ticket the next time my train refuses to come for 20 minutes. How about it, Mike?

British couple wins ¬£12.5k as New York’s 50 millionth visitors [Telegraph]


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  1. Wonderweasel says:

    Whats all this then?

  2. Costner says:

    This sucks…. the totally cut in line in front me me making me the 50,000,001st visitor!

    I demand a recount!

  3. DariusC says:

    “I dub thee the 50 millionth visitor!”

    I can tell that them getting married at the top of the Rockefeller had absolutely nothing to do with Mike’s decision to give them the prize.

    That’s pocket change to them! Probably costs at least that much to get married up there anyhow. And where did that money come from?

  4. Cyniconvention says:

    I’m curious how one counts the number of tourists a city receives.

    • MPD01605 says:

      All those post-9/11 cameras and one dedicated police officer.

    • Gorbachev says:

      You pick the most sympathetic and photogenic tourist from a randomly chosen plane at JFK and call it a day?

      It would’ve been awesome if they’d chose a non-english speaking tourist whose reason for the visit is to illegally immigrate in the US.

  5. eccsame says:

    50 millionth – give or take a few thousand with less romantic stories.
    I’m sure the real 50 millioner was from Arizona, stayed at a Super 8 in Queens and went to see Miss Saigon before heading back to the Greyhound station

  6. Nobody can say "Teehee" with a straight face says:

    Yeah, I’m sure their romantic reason for coming had nooothing to do with it. The real 50,000,000 was a drug runner.

  7. RandomHookup says:

    Why are we letting foreigners come in and take our prizes? Weren’t there any qualified Americans?

    At least they will get to learn the fun of paying US taxes on their winnings. Are they sure it was really the mayor and not some elaborate scam? (“You’ve won all these prizes, but you’ll need to pay the taxes before you can accept them. Do you need our Western Union account number?”)

  8. Swins says:

    Tax payers get soaked again.

    • RandomHookup says:

      How so? The prizes were provided by NYC & Company, a private non-profit corporation, which is the official tourism marketing organization for the city. I’m guessing the city government didn’t provide much to this endeavor beyond the mayor’s presence (or they simply checked the mayor’s couch cushions and found enough to pay for everything).

      • Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

        That cheap bastid doesn’t carry ANYTHING in his pockets.

    • Sarahlara says:

      I don’t know whether this particular campaign helps much, but taxpayers would really get soaked without tourism dollars in general.

  9. shea6408 says:

    I wish Dear Leader Bloomberg would give those of us who actually live in NYC and pay taxes to NYC some of these perks,

  10. Rocket says:

    <blink> You are the 1,000,000th visitor to the Consumerist! Click here to claim your prize! This is not a joke. </blink>

  11. midwestkel says:

    This sounds like one of those online ads. All they have to do is fill out these credit card applications and in 6-12 weeks they will be given their gift card.