Places At Home To Stash Your Cash

Most financial experts don’t recommend keeping large amounts of cash stashed at home, but that doesn’t stop people from socking their savings in corners they believe to be safe. Those who do so leave themselves vulnerable to losing huge amounts of money due to burglaries or forgetfulness.

If you do choose to stick your savings in the proverbial bank of mattress, WiseBread recommends you try these inventive, deceptive tricks:

* Fake electrical outlet. Cut a hole in your wall, fill it with money and cover it up with an electrical outlet.

* A hole in your yard. If it’s good enough for pirates, it’s good enough for paranoid money hoarders. Be sure to cram your money into a box that protects it from moisture and bugs. And remember where you buried it.

* With personal hygiene items. Possibilities include empty boxes that once contained toothpaste tubes or soap, or whatever else you’ve got under the sink.

Just to reiterate, experts say your money is safest with a financial institution.

The Best and Worst Places to Stash Cash in Your Home [WiseBread]