6 Steps To Supercharge Your New Year's Resolutions

The routine never changes. A year ends, you take stock of what didn’t go right and vow to change things come Jan. 1. Then life happens and you find yourself making the same vows again as the next year concludes. One reason things go that way is because you fail to give teeth to your New Year’s resolutions.

Nicole is Better outlines a six-step process to choose and hold herself accountable for her 2012 goals. Here’s a summary:

1. Take stock of what you accomplished this year. Take a look back at your highlights in order to get the confidence flowing.

2. Choose a theme for next year. Examples: “The year of travel,” “Getting healthy,” “Get debt under control.”

3. Compartmentalize your life. Sketch out ways you spend your time and things that matter to you.

4. Choose three goals for each compartment. For each area of importance, choose a few goals to attain.

5. Take regular action. At the start of each month, outline specific steps you’ll take as often as possible in the short-term to inch closer toward your goals.

6. Share your plans. Tell someone what you’re up to. The confidant can help keep you on the right path.

a 6 step process, the “eff yeah” list, and a peek at my annual goal setting template that will help you see once and for all that i’m obsessively type-A and 100% crazy. what? you already knew that? okay then, carry on. [Nicole is Better]

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