You Can Buy Blockbuster Gift Cards Again, But Your Old One's Still Worthless

We’re going to go out on a limb here and guess that there is absolutely no one out there who can’t wait to buy a Blockbuster gift card. It’s not exciting consumer news. The curious thing is that while you can buy a Blockbuster gift card today at any of their retail stores, a card for the same brand that you might still have in your desk drawer from only nine months ago is just a worthless piece of plastic. Blame the bankruptcy and sale of Blockbuster.

Customers couldn’t redeem gift cards from the old Blockbuster after April 7, 2011. After that, new owner Dish Network swooped in and wouldn’t accept old cards. That’s their right, but gift card blog (yes, there is one!) ScripSmart takes issue with the new cards for the old brand, pointing out that it’s a little insulting to issue new cards after wiping out outstanding balances on old ones. “Nothing will make consumers fell cheated more than being denied of redeeming an old Blockbuster Gift Card while the company sells [its] new Blockbuster Gift Cards at the same point of sale counter.”

Dish Network Gives Gift Cards Another Black Eye With New Blockbuster Gift Cards [ScripSmart]

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