Parking Attendant Thinks $2 Bills Aren't Real, Returns My Perfectly Good Money

Tony was trying to do the right thing and tip a parking attendant for finding a great spot for his pal’s car. But his efforts to reward someone for good service were wasted, as the fellow seemed to think $2 bills aren’t in fact, real money.

Sure, the $2 bill is uncommon (Thomas Jefferson is on it — who knew?*), but it’s not like it’s Monopoly money.

Tony writes:

I went barhopping in Chicago (Wrigleyville) this past weekend and was with my friend who parked in a lot a couple blocks away from the stadium of disappointment. The parking attendant hooked us up with a great spot so we searched our wallets for tip money. All we had was a $2 bill that my friend had gotten as change at Taco Bell a few days earlier. As we gave the $2 bill to the parking attendant, he said something to the effect of “Ha, like this is real,” thinking we were blatantly playing a joke on him. We just laughed and didn’t think anything of it.

Fast forward a few days later and my friend spots a $2 bill stuffed in his driver’s side mirror. The parking attendant legitimately thought the currency was fake so he stuffed it inside the mirror and went about his duties. I’m just happy he didn’t key the car or something because he thought we were stiffing him. Are some people so ignorant that they don’t know $2 bills exist and as a result unknowingly relinquish a real tip they earned?

Be sure to spread $2 bill awareness to all of your friends in the service industry, in the hopes that they won’t someday give up a well-earned tip.

*Full disclosure: I didn’t know, I had to Google it.

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