City Saves Snoopy House Christmas Display Amid Foreclosure

After a homeowner lost his family house to foreclosure, he was threatened with also taking away a neighborhood tradition, in the form of a sprawling Snoopy Christmas display. But the community isn’t letting that happen.

Jim J.’s Costa Mesa, Calif. ranch house was foreclosed upon last year after a failed loan modification attempt, says the Associated Press, which could’ve meant the end of the 200-foot “Peanuts” character display, complete with Santa, that brought 80,000 visitors a year. Instead, the city is moving the scenery to outside City Hall.

Jim was raised in the home, and began building his display as a teenager. It grew every year with an ice-skating Charlie Brown and dancing Snoopy, as well as Peppermint Patty playing hockey with a Christmas present instead of a puck.

He stopped paying mortgage payments while he was trying to apply for loan modification, hoping to file for relief, but when that failed, the home was put into foreclosure.

The warm and fuzzies keep going, as the AP quotes a city spokesman who said $1,000 in donations had already come in to power the $1,800 electric bill for the holiday spectacle.

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