Target Apologizes To Rebuffed Students; Walmart Ups The Ante With More Cash

Yesterday we brought you the story of an Ohio middle school teacher who penned an open letter to Target after an employee told her that she and her group of 25 students would not be permitted to do their annual holiday shopping to benefit a local charity. As you might have predicted, once this news hit the web that goes worldwide, Target had a change of heart — and Walmart made a nice counter-offer to the put-out teacher and her charges.

According to WKYC-TV in Cleveland, the Target that had so recently shrugged off the teacher — in spite of the fact that her students only shopped in groups of four, and all their purchases were to be put on one dedicated charge account that the teacher had been using for this occasion for the last five years — now has felt the warmth of the holiday spirit (or rather, the heat of the internet’s torches on its butt) and apologized, saying the group is now welcome to come do its shopping on Friday morning.

Meanwhile, over at Walmart, they said their doors are open to the middle schoolers and that the store would throw in another $250 to help the kids’ cause — a local crisis nursery.

After hearing the news that both stores are courting her, the teacher told WKYC she hadn’t decided which one she’d bring the kids to on Friday. But the Walmart store says it plans on donating that extra $250 regardless of which store she chooses to patronize.

It’s a Festivus miracle!

Teacher uses Facebook to take on Target []

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